Running in the rain once again

What a race was last Sunday!… I have to say that I really enjoyed it from the beginning until the end.

Last year I ran the same race with my mate Kenny, doing a PB but this time the route was shorter by 300mts.

A couple of weeks ago I didn´t think I´ll take part of it, but my girlfriend told me that she was interested so I decided to run it too. It was a good chance to do a quality training for the upcoming marathon in Barcelona.

On Saturday I was checking the forecast, it was not very good so I was thinking I will get soaking wet like in Mdina Spinola :).

Sunday morning 5.00am I woke up, checked outside and it looked like it has been raining all night long. The streets were full of water. I was thinking to come back to bed and do my long run later, but after having breakfast, coffee and chia seeds, my girlfriend suggested to go to Valletta and give it a try..

Once we arrived in Valletta, the rain was still flooding the streets, I decided to warm up and make the decision if I´ll go for it. It was cold. In the last few minutes I changed my mind.. Let´s do this!  We love to complain about the heat in the summer and the cold  in winter… but at the end it´s not that bad. We live in a place with one of the warmest weathers in Europe, so in Malta we are spoiled with so much sun that we struggle with two months of cold.

At 7am it kicked off, I almost got late for the starting line. I began my run in the first group of 6, 3 of them took the lead in a very fast pace after the 1st km going downhill. We kept in group of 3, with Lisa and Chris, just like in Mdina-Spinola and ran together almost the whole race.

We had two loops ahead around Valletta. I was feeling like I was at home as I run in the area quite often. That Sunday paddles and little rivers were running down the hills, so it was not the best time, but running around Valletta for me is always special. You´re running in a city full of history which is also the Capital of Culture 2018


I was planning to take easy in the first loop and go harder on the second, I  was able to mantain the established plan. On the second loop I was running with Chris and he decided to wait for his wife but I kept on pushing, I was feeling good. I reached the last kms by myself, I went up the harbour hill and I was amazed how Chris got so close so quickly. In the last 500 mts he overtook me and I couldn´t keep up with his pace. They made a great race and 100% team work .

During the race I enjoyed and felt very relaxed. The idea was to do a good training and start touching faster paces as lately most of my trainings were focused on endurance.

I crossed the finish line took the medal, I started a post-run to check how my girlfriend was doing.  She did very well eventhough the race for a beginner was quite tough,  I´m very proud of her and seeing how she starts to progress step by step.


I got 5th position and 2nd in my category, better than I could imagine. Althought I was missing many good runners that right now are travelling, like Filipe Vella or Jesrit Angel, they´re more focused on the league. Well done to Charlton Debono for winning one more time.

Talking about the organization, in my point of view was good. After 6 years in Malta I know that the traffic is “untouchable” but we need to start pushing to cut the traffic during races as it is very dangerous and one day we´ll have a tragedy. I think a couple of years ago it was less likely as  running wasn´t that big but right now it´s stronger and every day you can see more and more runners on the streets. On the positive side, the chipping method was very cool: checking live your position on a big screen, right after the race. Thanks for the great shots to Angie Conti. As for the rest, well done and keep it up for the next coming editions.


One thought on “Running in the rain once again

  1. Muy buena crónica de la carrera de los 10 km en La Valletta. Bien relatada comenzando con las dudas tan temprano de correr o no teniendo en cuenta que había llovido y seguía lloviendo lo cual convertía la carrera casi en un Paris – Dakar. Muy bueno el comentario sobre el placer de correr alrededor de una ciudad histórica que será Capital Europea de la Cultura. ¡Todo un lujo! Bravo por la carrera de Vesela que animó desde primera hora a participar. Totalmente de acuerdo con el comentario sobre el tráfico durante la carrera. ¡Esperamos ilusionados la próxima carrera! Barcelona nos espera. Enhorabuena Juan Pablo&Vesela


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