Let me show you the way I feel during a run

The night before I went for a long run… at the beginning I was planning to take my mp3 for some music but I preferred to run only and left it behind. I was tired from the busy day at work plus it was freezing outside, and I didn’t sleep much the previous night.

I started running and all the way my body was telling me to stop, and how tired I was…. but the other side of me was telling me that I need a good run and to disconnect from work and daily problems.

I ran for 4km, and was thinking that on the 8th km I’ll stop…I did not feel good “tired”. Reaching the 6km. It´s unbelievable how your mind works when you’re  running,  at the beginning it doesn’t approve much and after a couple of times telling you that you’re going to stop, then your body starts shouting “give more!”

All the stress that you carry when you get out of your house, you can feel it’s heavy but after awhile you feel lighter and lighter and almost disappear when you finish your workout. The endorphins pump through your brain, your body and the mind seems more relaxed and empty of thoughts.

I had a chat with my friends that they want to run but they don´t want to suffer. There´s no need of suffering just try go on an easy pace and be patient. Control your breathing and be patient, there´s no need to rush. Always it´s better to keep it smooth.

Last night I went for my run “therapy” and I ran for 1hour 30min in a comfortable pace, I ran according to how I felt that day.. I don’t follow any specific training , maybe I should if i want to reach my goals but lately I´m lazy.. in 2017 I´ll consider it more seriously.  Yesterday I went for 18km, maybe for some people it´s too much or others need more. But at the end, running is such a simple thing, you just need a pair of comfortable shoes and after awhile running in your own pace and distance, just the way you feel it, it´s very simple and very efficient. I didn’t´t tell you the best thing that it´s FREE :)!


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