We can be Heroes

Once you start running you never know where you are going to end up. Some people make it a habit to stay healthy and others go further making it a way of life.

Most of the comments that I hear from new runners are:

They are too slow or how they will be able to run faster. They might not take part in a race because they might finish last. Both are big mistakes in my point of view. Runners are not built in a short period of time; it is a long process so we have to be patient.


For me running has different scenarios or perspectives where you can find many personal heroes fighting against their laziness or trying to get out of their comfort zones:

  • Everyone that makes the decision to go out one day and start running at their own pace, for me is a hero.
  • Running your first race is going to be painful at certain points but someone crossing that line and becoming a finisher, for me is a hero.
  • Changing bad habits like quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol or eating healthier, heroic acts.
  • Waking up early on a Sunday morning for a run, it could be painful but once you finish the feeling is amazing and the breakfast or brunch taste even better.
  • Motivating your colleagues to start running can continue to spread this wave of endorphins all over the place.
  • More heroes that I want you to present are of course family; partners and friends. They are a big part of this movement. Preparing meals or taking you to races, whatever it may be is a very important support to you on your way in achieving your goals.
  • Parents that want to be a good example for theirs kids and decide to run (remember it is never too late), Heroes!
  • Heroes that work long shifts but never give up on their trainings sessions, to fight for their dreams.
  • Mothers preparing for challenges such as a marathon or ironman that require many hours of training yet still always having time for theirs kids. I don´t know how they find the time for me it´s incredible. These are Super Hero Mums!

The real idea or meaning of running is to compete against yourself every Sunday or in training to reach a better time. Thinking that you are slow or you can´t reach more than 5kms, it doesn’t matter! The effort of trying is a positive action, some people need a push and others might go it alone. The most important thing is to get out and do some exercise to feel better about you.

From my personal experience of preparing for a marathon over three months, now the counting down just starts. You spend most of the time reading many articles about the marathon and watch videos of great marathoners. The pre-race anxiety starts to take place; you just want to be in that starting line and not wait anymore. The marathon is a great example of how to become your own hero during 42.195 km battling at an average time of 4:19:27 for males and 4:44:19 for females, pushing your body to the limits.

Every time I finish a race depending on the difficulty I am in the clouds for a day or even a week, it´s called the “runner’s high” and this always transports me to “Heroes” of David Bowie.



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