Each and every of the numbers, received at races, mean so much to me. Because of these numbers I am constantly challenging myself, and spending a lot of hours training. The races are the drive and motivation in my life, as everytime I go out, I accomplish something new.

Once the application is completed, the countdown to the race starts and the trainings receive even bigger meaning. The little cloud that follows you during the run starts creating different scenarios of what is coming in your next adventure. Sometimes the race is ready in just 40 mins, and these 40 minutes are actually hours and hours invested in training of the last 6 months.

The relief after finishing a marathon or an ultra is difficult to explain with words; itโ€™s like being in a balloon full of happiness; itโ€™s like having a backpack full of stones that you carry at the beginning of the race which empties when you cross the finish line.

There are a lot of memories but I especially remember how much I suffered when I was trying to complete my first marathon in 2012 but the satisfaction of receiving my first medal of a FINISHER was great.


Running the Behobia San Sebastian marathon in 2013 with Cabeshateam was amazing; it was the first time I prepared properly for a race, and the training was extremely hard. The results were awesome though and the after-party even better :). Josรฉ Aparicio, Toni Soto and Javi Serrano the three fucking musketeers.

My last big adventure was in Pirineos, Spain, it was new and great experience for the whole 45 km. The race was extremely hard because of the elevated mountain hills but that was an excellent way to learn trail running and also a way of not feeling your cuadriceps for at least 20kms. Arda Power and Caballo Blanco!!!


Thanks to everyone who were part of these adventures, it was even better with you bros!!
Next stop – Sevilla Marathon, 21st of February 2016.


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