The Supporting actors

Sunday evening, I finished my last session of the week. Strava is showing me all the stats – km, pace and total weekly time -6 hours and 11 minutes of training. Yesterday while I was running I was thinking: How much time do you really spend every week in preparation before your training?  If we […]

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Failing in Gozo

I´ve been writing here always about finishing races and good vibes after big races, but never about quitting a race and how much you can learn or how you can feel down. Running for the second time in Gozo, I was feeling relaxed and confident. It´s true that I didn´t train properly after Sevilla Marathon… […]

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We can be Heroes

Once you start running you never know where you are going to end up. Some people make it a habit to stay healthy and others go further making it a way of life. Most of the comments that I hear from new runners are: They are too slow or how they will be able to […]

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6 lecciones que aprendí en 2000kms

Hoy he cumplido un objetivo que nunca llegué a pensar que lo alcanzaría: correr 2000kms en un período natural de un año. Esta quizás puede ser la primera lección que me ha dado el 2015 “puedes llegar lejos, mucho más que lo que realmente tu mente te dice… tenemos límites pero hay que saber exprimirlos bien…” 2015 […]

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Flashback in running

Back in the days “running” was well known by “jogging”, there were a  group of freaks wearing very short pants or very tight leggings in winter. The running movement came from the east part of the United States: Boston and New York. In 1972 an  American Frank Shorter won the gold medal in the Olympic […]

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Each and every of the numbers, received at races, mean so much to me. Because of these numbers I am constantly challenging myself, and spending a lot of hours training. The races are the drive and motivation in my life, as everytime I go out, I accomplish something new. Once the application is completed, the […]


Learning to Fly

El pasado Domingo 25 de Octubre se celebraba un 10.000 en la zona Qawra en Malta carrera que había corrido un par de veces en años anteriores. En esta ocasión venía más fuerte y con muy buenas sensaciones en los entrenos previos. El correr en montaña y pelear en ultras te hace madurar como “runner” […]

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Gozo Ultra Trail 55km

Hace un mes y medio, sin saber porqué me embarqué en una nueva aventura. Una mañana de Marzo decidí quedar con un par de amigos, Carlos y Adrián, para hacer una tirada por Gozo. Anteriormente, años atrás había tenido ya algún contacto con el trail, pero aquella mañana, saliendo desde Mgarr y corriendo por esos […]

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